The recipe makes a tasty and Simple Petis Claw Delicious

The recipe makes a tasty and Simple Petis Claw Delicious various types of traditional food is indeed very much sought after as it has a flavor that is so typical and also fits in with our tongues. Wrong food preferred resep brownies kukus enak by all circles are claws petis which is a food with having taste delights. Ceker petis this one made so simple is also easy for us to get as many in the market. To make a delicious cuisine recipes and tasty dimulut indeed already a yearning for everyone in order to make her family became more excited and happy at home.
Here we'll share the recipe on how to make delicious dishes made of chicken claws. It does look just plain chicken but this one ingredient you can make it as food that is very much frowned upon. Yes, we will make it to paste served in your family. Ceker petis can you make it as the main menu while it is food. And the time is perfect for enjoying the ceker petis is resep kue kuping gajah rainbow usually when your lunch or dinner. Well just let us create ceker petis and prepare ingredients and spices are used in making food this one.

The recipe makes a tasty and Simple Petis Ceker Tuberose


500 gr of fresh chicken claw (washed clean)
2 pieces of bay leaf
400 ml chicken stock
1 stalk Lemongrass bruised
bruised by 2 cm galangal
2 tablespoons margarine

Spice paste:

2 large red chillies
1 teaspoon granulated sugar
4 cloves of garlic
salt 1 teaspoon
5 round onion
5 tablespoons shrimp paste
seasoning to taste

How To Make A Tasty Paste It:

Take margarine that susdah prepared and then heated to melt
Saute seasoning smooth with margarine that is already hot along with bay leaves, galangal and Lemongrass stalk
Stir the marinade stir-fry until fragrant and then pour the chicken stock into it
Insert into flavoring chicken claws and wait till completely cooked while slightly stirring until the spices evenly
Wait a few minutes until the water is shrinking and lift and serve

Well, that's the recipe of how to make a simple Paste Claws is delicious and scrumptious. Good luck and enjoy this meal that can be made as your daily menu
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