Recipe how to make Delicious chicken

Recipe how to make Delicious chicken – Hainan chicken is one of the types of animals that can be made into a very tasty ingredients. My father learned is perfect cooked in various ways of processing. Many types of cuisine made from chicken and all that food sudang was very popular everywhere, from grilled chicken, fried chicken, chicken made resep bakwan sayur udang by way of dipepes and many other types of cuisine is very tasty. For the recipe of this time that we will create is a food made from chicken meat that has also been very popular in Indonesia, namely HAINAN chicken.
Hainan chicken is processed chicken meat that comes from the tribe of Hainan in China, which is named after the hainan chicken. The name of this dish is already scattered throughout the region in Indonesia even in some resep tempe mendoan paling enak other country in Southeast Asia. Here is the recipe the way the processing of hainan chicken.


Recipe How To Make Hainan Chicken Delicious




1 free-range chickens that are already clean
3 cm Ginger (memarkan)
4 cloves garlic (mashed)
2 stalk scallion pods (finely sliced)
6 tablespoons sesame oil
1 cucumber fruit (made pickles)
salt to taste
flavor enhancer to taste
to boil the water to taste
oil for sauteing to taste


How To Make Hainan Chicken:


Chicken clean cut into 4 parts and then ditusuk-tusuk with a fork
simmer chicken in boiling water until tender, approximately 30 minutes then take the kaldunya, set aside for a moment
saute the garlic with a little oil until fragrant
Enter the marinade into the sauteed ginger, stir until wilted
stir in chicken broth and then cook until the chicken is really tender
remove the chicken and then rub with sesame oil
cut the chicken into pieces while still warm and then sprinkle with scallion pods
serve hainan chicken with gravy stew chicken and pickled cucumber


To present the hainan chicken is perfect combined with hainan rice or rice cooked with water boiled chicken hainan. Hainan chicken recipes so from us, may be useful.
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