Make cake recipe Cassava Talam Brown Sugar

Make cake recipe Cassava Talam Brown Sugar Cake talam is one of the traditional cakes usually always there when Ramadan arrived because regular pastries talam is enjoyed when the Iftar. Indeed there seems to be less if resep soto bandung tradisional pas Iftar meals are not available on this one. The cake can also be used as talam cassava as the main menu because tastes good also has a fresh sweet taste of brown sugar.
Talam cake can be made with a variety of pastries, such as baha talam cassava, sweet violet, talam cake cake banana cake and talam talam be created now, namely cake talam cassava with brown sugar. To make cassava cake talam is certainly resep soto ayam lamongan paling enak easier if dibandikan with with purple Yam talam, thus making the cake talam cassava could be said simply. Well, very suitable for you who are bewildered to make cake what at the time of Iftar later.

Make Cake Recipe Cassava Talam Brown Sugar


200 gr finely grated cassava
sugar 100 gr
brown sugar 100 gr
200 ml thick coconut milk
1/2 teaspoon fine salt
30 gr flour meizena

How To Make Cassava Cake Talam:

Combine the grated cassava with brown sugar, granulated sugar and salt, mix well
Pour half of the coconut milk and stirred until well blended
Pour the batter into the mold already dioles with oil do not get full
Cookie dough steamed until cooked approximately 15 minutes
Mix the remaining coconut milk with flour meizena and a bit of salt while stirring the median and then pour over the cake already steamed
Steamed cake talam back until completely cooked and ready to be served

The already completed processes, indeed it's make it..? Please practise together with your relatives good luck. Good luck with your recipes and how to make Cassava Cake Talam brown sugar from us.
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