How to make Steamed Soft Chocolate Sponge is simple

How to make Steamed Soft Chocolate Sponge is simple for those of you who may be confused in preparing a meal or snacks are tasty, tender and soft dimulut for your family, now we will give one of the solutions which may be resep es cendol bandung the best way for you to make it.

With how to make a simple food, simple but has a flavor that is delicious, your family is sure to love it. Only by making the kind of food on this one you may already be able to appease your family. Yes, the food is to be made it is steamed soft chocolate sponge and simple is also very fitting dimulut may also shake up the tongue.

This meal does have different types or that we often encounter a sponge may have a variety of colors or with sponge cake or rainbow Rainbow. Bolu pelangi may look more beautiful and interesting but you should also try resep es campur santan bolu kukus chocolate on this one.


3 tablespoons cocoa powder
4 eggs chicken
ovalet 10 gr
75 gr melted butter
chocolate sweetened condensed milk 1/2 glasses
sugar 100 gr
1/2 glasses of mineral water

How To Make Steamed Chocolate Sponge Is Simple:

Mixer eggs, granulated sugar and ovalet at high speed until fluffy and stiff
Stir in the flour and cocoa powder little by little while sifted
Mix sweetened condensed milk with water, stir well and then pour into the dough
Stir in melted margarine while stirring flat
Grease a baking pan with butter or oil and then pour batter into it
Steamed dough approximately for 30 minutes until tender, then lift to inflate teapot

So the Recipe Make this simple Chocolate Steamed Sponge, hopefully just a glimpse of this information can help you to make it. Please try at home and serve as an additional snack or delicious meal in your family. Good luck with the recipes from us.
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