How to make a smooth and Creamy Chocolate Hunkwe

How to make a smooth and Creamy Chocolate Hunkwe Hunkwe is one of the many markets, traditional cake is popular. Snacks are included in the traditional Indonesia cake. Hunkwe mwmiliki flavors and resep soto mie bogor diah didi shapes vary just as pudding. To make this cake very easy and simple also does not require a very long time. The materials used to make this cake very easy for us to get as many there are over the counter or ditoko-toko.

Hunkwe can be combined with various other ingredients such as sago mitiara, chocolate, corn, green beans and other type of material. All the ingredients are combined with hunkwe will have the same taste delicious, sweet and resep tempe bacem enak has a very soft texture. This cake can be served with a variety of ways from getting wrapped with plastic or with mold. Here is how to make a chocolate sweet and gentle hunkwe.

How to make a smooth and Creamy Chocolate Hunkwe


1 packet of flour hunkwe
1250 ml coconut milk
200 gr granulated sugar
2 teaspoons cocoa powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
plastic to wrap around to taste

How To Make Chocolate Hunkwe:

combine flour, coconut milk hunkwe, salt and sugar, mix well
boil the ingredients that are already mixed to a boil or until it explodes-letup while diaduk-aduk
take 1/4 of the white dough and then mix it with cocoa powder, mix well
pour the chocolate batter into the white batter, stirring until evenly
take every single sheet of plastic and put the dough into the plastic wrapper (lakukang until finished)
hunkwe Brown is ready to be served

So how easy and simple Recipe for Making Chocolate Soft Hunkwe of the author, happy practicing at home with your family, good luck and have a form and a taste more delicious.
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