How to make a Padded Pukis Cake Sprinkles grated cheese Cake

How to make a Padded Pukis Cake Sprinkles grated cheese Cake cake pukis is a name originating from Indonesia. This cake was included in the cake that has a flavor that is tender and tasty. In addition to the tender resep sapo tahu enak cake pukis also has a very soft texture. Pukis cake is usually served with a variety of shapes and flavors or taburannya.
The usual topping for the cake made of cheese is prut pukis, brownish meses, peanuts and others in accordance with your tastes and wishes. This type of cake is encountered everywhere, almost every region there is a cake seller pukis, traders from resep tempe orek basah getting into the way up on the market there are also great at cakes. Below is the process and how to make Pastry Tender Pukis Sprinkling grated cheese.

How To Make Cheese Cake Topping Padded Pukis Prut


250 gr flour
1 tablespoon instant yeast
200 gr granulated sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon vanilla powder
2 eggs chicken
20 gr margarine (melted)
125 ml coconut milk
1/2 teaspoon vanilla paste
50 ml warm water
grated cheese to taste (for sprinkling)

How To Make A Padded Pukis Cake Sprinkles Grated Cheese:

dissolve instant yeast in warm water let sit for 10 minutes or until foam comes out
Beat eggs, sugar and salt in their home one container using a mixer at high speed until fluffy
stir in the flour and coconut milk little by little into the egg whisk, stir until well blended
pour instant yeast that's been dissolved with water, stir dough then let sit for 30 minutes until fluffy
Enter liquid margarine and vanilla paste into dough, stir until evenly
Preheat the cookie cutter pukis and brush the butter so that is not sticky and then pour the batter into the mold of the already hot
Sprinkle with grated cheese above printed cake then cover and wait until done (do until)
raise the cake already cooked pukis then serve above serving plate

Padded Pukis Cake Recipes So Sprinkling Grated Cheese. Please practise at home you hope your family love the cake that you made, good luck.
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